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Born in Ft. Worth, Texas, Brian picked up the game of golf from his father, a scratch player for the All-Army Team. He longed for the day to play like his father. Unfortunately, Brian was not able to play golf on the military courses because of base age restrictions. At times, his father would take him out and let him hit balls once they were on the course. At the age of 10, the family was relocated to Fort Rucker, AL, where Brian discovered that the age restriction to play golf was 8! Brian’s first words were, “We should have been here two years ago!” That summer Brian’s mom dropped him off at the course on her way to work and picked him up on her way home. He spent his entire summer days hitting balls and practicing, waiting for the moment that someone would ask him to play. That day finally came and it was truly the start of his career. Nothing could stop him from playing in everything his family could get him in. He lived and breathed golf even more than before and always said that he was going to play golf as a professional. Brian played golf on the Daleville High School golf team when he was in the 7th grade and continued to play high school golf until graduation. During... Read More

PGA Tour Wins: 4
2nd Place Finishes: 4
3rd Place Finishes: 1
Top 10 Finishes: 37
Top 25 Finishes: 111
Events Played: 461
Cuts Made: 285
Playoff Record: 1
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